Mother India Wand

Mother India Wand


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All healing wands created with solid copper wire. Copper is an excellent conductor of energy between the separate elements of the wands, as well as enhancing their healing properties.

One end of the wand is capped by tumbled citrine. Citrine activates and energizes the solar plexus and sacral chakras. It helps to enhance and balance willpower and creativity. It is especially good for aiding manifestation.

The other end of the wand is capped with a clear quartz crystal point. Clear quartz is one of the most versatile crystals. It is cleansing and harmonizing. It can increase clarity and amplify the properties of other stones nearby. It can also serve as an energy storage receptor, retaining affirmations/instructions you choose to imprint upon it.

The body of the wand is blackberry cane. Blackberry is useful in adding the energy of resilience, strength, and courage. It can aid with healing of deeply rooted pain and trauma, and setting or enhancing healthy boundaries. It also carries energies of protection and abundance.

Around the body of the wand is wrapped a red and gold silk sari ribbon. In the middle rests a donut shaped mother of pearl bead. Inside is a red resin bead, and a blue sodalite bead. Beads attached with thin sterling silver wire.

Mother of Pearl is a calming and balancing stone that aids with intuition, empathy, imagination. Bringing with it the powerful energies of the sea, it is a wonderful stone for emotional healing.

Sodalite is a wonderful stone for artisans of all sorts, as it is especially good at awakening and enhancing creativity. It is also useful for increasing intuition, and activating and supporting the throat and third eye chakras. It can help with self-esteem issues, and increase ones’ trust in oneself.

Approximately 10 inches from end to end

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